Do You Mix Business With Pleasure?

As a business owner I spend about 95% of my time working. I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s well known that business owners almost always put in more time than salaried workers. So, with all of that work, how does a business owner get a break? We’ve been told that you can’t mix business with pleasure. But is that true?

mix business with pleasure

mix business with pleasure

These days business owners are having to find more creative ways to sneek in some fun and relaxation, even if you don’t leave the office. Taking the family along on a business trip is becoming quite popular. There’s even a word for it. “Bleisure”.

Here are some examples of business owners who are combining business and pleasure:

“I own a small business designing, making, and selling chainmail jewelry. I have a booth and sell at a number of craft shows and conventions.  I’m established enough to do well at shows, but not profitable enough to employ staff to help.   I always invite a few friends or my mother-in-law to help or even just to visit.  It’s a great opportunity to chat between customers, they get to attend the show, and I have someone I can trust with the booth when I need to step away to powder my nose or check out the competition.”

Gwendolyn Kestrel

Promote a fun -but professional- environment. Example: At our office, we play ping pong religiously. Employees often partake in games two to three times per day. We have a professional style table, tournament brackets and a plethora of balls. The one thing that everybody owns is their own personal racquet. 
Find methods to detox: Work in stressful. What outlets are you providing for your employees to burn off some stress and relax? Sponsoring a group lunch? A nice 5à7? We’ve done both of these every month.
Productivity and exercise: Have business meetings while on a light jog with your employees. This kills two birds with one stone. Why? An elevated heart rate moves you away from laziness, and the things that you see outside spark thinking and curiosity. More than that, you can actually iron out some major points without overthinking things. On Mondays, I run with my Marketing Director. Wednesdays it’s two of the web developers. On Thursdays, the logistics people fill me in during the run about inventory and such. Guess what? We’re all much fitter, happier and healthier…and we’re being efficient while becoming those things!
Sebastien Dupéré
Owner, President and CEO of Dupray
We sell steam cleaners and steam irons in six countries.  

“We have two buildings, back to back (they have been connected with a hallway).  One side is our warehouse and offices, the other is a recording studio.  Often times when walking from one side to the next we joke, that was business now for pleasure.  We create all of our youtube videos and other creative content on the studio side.
Over half of our staff are musicians, so we joke about the fact that we have a full rock band on staff.  Being able to jam with your co-workers, or the perk of free after hours studio time for employees adds a lot of fun to our office and business.”


logoPatrick Barnhill Founder, Specialist ID, Inc.

Tel: 800-380-6726 (ext. 101) |

“As the owner of a startup tutoring company, Suprex Learning, I work close to 70-80 hours a week on average. I spend the majority of my week at the office, but my life is not as dull as it sounds. This is because of my tactics that I use to enjoy my job.

  1. Hiring friends- Thanks to the startup atmosphere and my connections that I made in college, I have lots of friends at work. I often schedule company outings and usually have a meal with my employees/friends. I am able to enjoy my job and the additional hours that I spend I do not feel as excessive.

  2. Company meetings and vacation- Since my company is not only based out of Houston but also located in Chicago and New York, there is always a place to travel. When I go to meetings in other cities I am also able to visit new attractions. In addition, I usually travel with a friend who also works at my company so I really don’t even feel like I am working.

AJ Saleem
Academic Director
Suprex Private Tutoring
Direct Line: (832) 279-4631
Office Line: (832) 900-9660


Wes Warner and Troy Stark are the inventors of the first and only self-sealing balloon called Glooeys. Here is how they mix business with pleasure:

“As inventors of a new balloon product, we got to mix business with pleasure in the testing phase by working with our kids to figure out what worked and didn’t work. Now that the product is finished, we get the kids to star in our video productions, which often includes a party.”

Glooey’s is the first and only patented, self-sealing balloon.

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