Would You Buy Products Made in the USA?

made in USA

made in USA

When I posted the question “Would you buy products made in the USA?” on social media, I got a flood of responses. As a manufacturer, we have to deal with many different issues, and one of those is price. Americans have gotten used to paying low prices for products that are made in other countries, mostly China.

I got a quick lesson in importing when the company I was licensing my product to went bankrupt only weeks before we were to sign our contract. I didn’t have time to wait, and realized I was going to have to do it myself. I had never even run a business before, and here I was searching for international manufacturers, and learning about freight brokers, ports, and ocean shipping. I also have to deal with regulations and taxes in the other countries I ship to. Plus, you have to allow about 30 days for delivery and usually have to buy in large quantities.

I have hope that we will soon be bringing cheaper and better manufacturing back to the U.S. through innovative manufacturing systems like robotics and 3-D printing. Right now robotics in manufacturing is still new. They are limited to one task, and aren’t yet suitable for assembling small items. But new models currently being developed will be able to assemble any kind of product, and will be able to work alongside humans without danger of injuring them.

Since wages have soared in China, they have also begun to invest heavily in robotic manufacturing. The small, family owned factory I use there is constantly increasing my prices. Hopefully, robotic manufacturing used here to lower prices will mean the end of manufacturers always having to chase the lowest wages.

Buying products made in the USA is something many Americans feel strongly about. In fact, about 80% of the people I polled said they would rather buy American made. And it’s a completely bi-partisan issue. Everyone knows American-made products, for now, will be more expensive. The question is, how much more?

Here are some of the answers I got when I asked about buying “Made in USA” products:

“Yes I would and here’s why: I don’t actually know what’s in my cleaning agents, for example, if I import from China. They recently had a huge bust over there with a sophisticated operation selling industrial salts as food grade. Happens all the time in that country. In American I know what I’m getting. That I’m supporting people outside my own company is karma in the bank that will come back to my business if we all pitch in.”
Sean Desilva, owner of http://EveryLastSpot.com

“The answer is a wholehearted yes! I live in a town where locally made items are in high demand, and as a result I have already incorporated buying local into my budget as much as possible. I really prefer to support USA made products, as I know that money goes directly back into our economy and supports job creation and growth in the United States.
As long as the final price point isn’t cost prohibitive to a working middle class household, I would happily pay a higher price point for a product made or sourced within the United States. As a consumer I feel it is important to put my money where my mouth is, and supporting products in the United States is one of the best ways to do so. Typically products I purchase now that are made in the US are from smaller businesses, and I find the quality to be superior to that of merchandise procured from overseas. Smaller businesses seem to pay more attention to detail and quality control, making me happy to pay a higher price in exchange for what typically is a higher quality, longer lasting item.”
Emily, Wander Truant/Asheville Blog – http://www.wandertruant.com
“Here’s just one (of many) good examples of why buying American-made products are superior and why I would pay more. When it comes to musical instruments, you can find a cheaper version of the exact same guitar or bass, but many consumers don’t know why or care. The reason the instrument is offered at a reduced price is often because it was made elsewhere (not in the USA) and is less valuable. Is the American-made version of a Fender guitar better? Probably, but some buyers want something that looks expensive, but is not.
On the other hand, a musician with discerning tastes and who may want to turn around and resell an instrument later would want to buy the American-made version for how it plays and how well it holds it’s value. I fall into the latter category. I was interested in purchasing a Fender Jazz Bass (the Geddy Lee model) and saw there were two different prices for it at the store. I played them both and noticed the more expensive version did indeed play better, so I bought it. I have enjoyed playing it and when I am ready to sell it, I know it will be worth more because it is the American-made model.
The point is, some things (many things) that are made here are of a higher quality and worth more than overseas versions of the same thing.”
Lee Silber
Best Selling Author / Musician
“We are a small business based in New England that features 100% locally made New England products. Our online marketplace & subscription box supports all the talented small business in the New England area.
American made does come at a cost but to see the quality and craft that comes out of these products cannot compare! Many of the companies I support, use local ingredients. It’s a labor of love – but that’s what makes these products great.
We want to support and grow our local economy and the only way to do that is by shopping American made! When you shop small your helping a small family pay for a child’s dance lesson or helping a young adult purchase their first home! There’s so much to be said about the people that create these beautiful American made products!
We are proud to support and shop local at New England’s Hidden Treasures!”
Briana Gosselin, Owner
New England’s Hidden Treasures

“I would not pay more for products specially made in America, since I
strongly believe in free trade and getting the best value for money.
America has always been best when it competes with the rest of the world,
and I don’t think protectionism will help Americans in the long term.”

Ian Wright – Mover DB – a moving comparison website

“As a business owner, I’m always concerned with my bottom line. As a consumer, I think in the same way. How much am I spending – and how much do I have left over.

While Made in America is a great tag line – it will never convince me to make economic decisions that hurt me personally. Quite frankly, no one’s going to pay my bills for me – so paying more for a good/service/product does little for me. It may help a politician get elected – but it won’t help me pay my bills.”
Max Soni, is the founder of DotComSEO, a top rated digital marketing and search engine optimization company.  https://www.dotcomseocompany.com
Would you spend more to buy made in the USA products?

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