6 Ways an Entrepreneur Can Get More Done in Less Time

entrepreneur time

entrepreneur time

If you’ve ever been to a tropical island, perhaps you’ve heard that people there run on “island time”. In other words, they get things done when they are good and ready. It sounds nice, but if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you know, the kind that actually pays bills and can get more done, you can’t get sucked in to that kind of trap.

Working from home is deceptive. I leave the TV on in the background sometimes so I don’t get lonely, but I rarely get to watch it. I keep the volume just loud enough so I can’t really hear what they’re saying. The lure to want to stop working and go play is strong. So, what’s the trick? Make your WORK your play.

If you aren’t doing something you really love to do, that you find interesting and exciting, you’re doing the wrong thing. Right now I know there’s a suspense/mystery on the I.D. Channel that’s calling me. But yet, I blog on. Because I love it. And I know if I finish all of my work I can watch back to back episodes of “Deadly Women” on TIVO. That gives me incentive.

When you clock in at a regular job your time belongs to your boss. But working at home, there is no clock to punch. In fact, it’s Sunday morning and I’ve been working since 7 am and will probably stop late at night. I don’t know a single entrepreneur that works regular hours. Most work 6-7 days a week (except Timothy Ferris, who says he only works 4 hours a week). Truth is, if you are doing something you really love to do the time will fly by.

To keep yourself on track and prevent procrastination, try these tips:

  • Have a short-term and long-term goal list
  • Print up a detailed “to do” list the night before
  • Do all urgent tasks before moving down the list
  • When you start to procrastinate, set an alarm clock and get your most urgent task done
  • Delegate – you’ll get things done twice as fast
  • Do the things that require the most brain power when your brain is most awake

After being my own boss for many years now I can’t imagine sitting in a cubicle on a regular time clock. Every hour I work is money in my pocket. But if I decide to take the day off and watch the “Deadly Women” marathon, well, there’s also no paycheck.


  1. I still think that it is best that you have a written plan of attack for the day, comprising a daily task sheet where the work allocated to you or by you is clearly outlined with allocated times of completion to help keep you focused. Always set tasks you can carry out in one day. If the task is larger, break it down into doable segments.

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