How to Utilize Google + to Connect with Influences as an Entrepreneur

It’s always nice to hear about modern day rags-to-riches stories like Dropbox or Soundcloud that are now worth millions, but for most entrepreneurs, it’s more of a rags-and-more-rags sort of tale. Bootstrapping a business wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t worth it, but the personal effort involved is steep. Using every tool available is the only way to pull yourself out of obscurity and connect with the right people, which means using even the toughest social media outlets like Google +.

Google +

Google +

Google+ certainly had more than its fair share of teasing from the peanut gallery as it failed to become the next big social media hit to topple Facebook. Believing it’s a social wasteland though would be a sizable mistake. Most people agree that while Google+ is not the premier hangout for the average consumer, it has been generously adopted by professionals of all kinds as more of a laid back version of LinkedIn.

While this makes it a small pool teaming with raw influencers for the masses, getting with the right people isn’t as easy as one might assume. Google+ has a much different framework than social forums like Facebook and Twitter. Where these sites pride themselves on equal playing fields of public information, Google+ is built on exclusive memberships within tight circles.

For any optimistic entrepreneur, the best method to find the right people is find the almost right people that will get you to where you want to be. Share content with people that will take interest and encourage them to repost. As more people positively engage with content, the more circles it will find, eventually leading to those with the largest platforms.

Take Advantage of the Differences

Although Google+ may be more complex than other social media, it shouldn’t be feared but embraced especially by the startup society. Boasting features that other social media sites can’t hold a candle to, Google+ has a unique way of playing to anyone’s strengths allowing for a deeper expression of personality. Hangouts are perhaps the best examples of creating a more immersive and personal experience. “Hangout” with journalists, bloggers, and others that could deeply connect with your ideas.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for any new business is getting others to understand your vision. To minimize communication barriers, invite curious eyes to join demonstration hangouts that help to showcase exactly what your fledgling business is all about. The more animated and precise you are with influencers, the better the brand will maintain clarity through the grapevine.

The unique circles feature also allows better connectivity by allowing targeted content to address certain problems that people share in the circle. Instead of releasing blanket content on Facebook or Twitter that may or may not reach the intended audience, know that your content is successfully reaching the right people you want listening at the moment.

Become Analytical

No one does data better than Google and that fact carries over into their social media platform. Use Google Analytics to discover the fruit of your efforts. Many ideas sound good in theory but don’t always create the desired results. For bootstrap Entrepreneurs, these tools are critical when trying to avoid time wasters or ideas that require more manpower to be successful.

It’s true that marketing is better suited on mega platforms like Facebook or Twitter, but when trying to develop the right connections Google+ is a prime alternative. Messages that usually come across as white noise on Facebook are treated as welcomed tips in the Google platform. The deeper you dive into the smallest of circles, the more ripples your new brand creates everywhere else.

Hilary Smith is an online journalist and business enthusiast. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands the importance of utilizing Google Plus to connect with influencers. Her writing also covers B2B, unified communications, social media marketing, and technology. Check her out on Twitter today!


  1. Nice Article…Just getting started with Google+ and a few others as well. I have a long way to go. I just need to keep on learning and will eventuallly get there! Thanks Again.

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