Why Promotional Products Are Better Than Advertising

unique promotional products

unique promotional products

Promotional products are things like hats, mugs, T-shirts, water bottles, pens and basically anything else that you can put a logo on. If you look around your office or home you will probably see many different promotional products lying around. This is one reason why promotional products are better than advertising… people actually keep them. They are usually useful and are things that you might buy anyway, like pens and mugs.


Unlike advertising, you know exactly who got them and that the right people did indeed get them, because you control the process. An ad might not always get to the audience you’re targeting. With promotional items you can give them exactly what they are looking for, and since they want the product anyway, they will be much more likely to keep it around.


People who receive promotional products will remember your name. Think about how many times you’ve worn a T-shirt or hat that has a company’s logo on it. I bet you know their name because you see it all the time and use the product. Advertising will also get you to remember a corporation’s name, but it’s much, much more expensive to have to constantly advertise. A promotional product does the same thing for a fraction of the price.


Over 50% of people keep their promotional products for over a year. Think about how many times your logo is being seen. The more it’s seen, the less the actual cost is to you in the long run.


Choose promotional products that have long-lasting value and are products your customers would be interested in. For example, if your customers are golfers, imprinted golf balls would be a valuable thing to give them. Every time they play golf they will remember your company and remember you fondly. People who are coffee drinkers would use a mug every day, and if it has your logo on it they will be seeing your logo constantly. A calendar is a product that customers will keep around for at least a year.


Offer your customers unique promotional products that they wouldn’t be able to find themselves. Something unusual and useful will stand out in their mind and they will associate your company name with it. They are also more likely to order from you and place larger orders.


Promotional products are a form of advertising, but unlike traditional advertising, they are much more targeted and your company is more likely to be remembered for a fraction of the cost.


  1. CustomOnIt.com says

    So true Julie. Choosing a product specific to the audience makes it even more powerful! Like your example with the golfers and printed golf balls. 🙂

  2. Using promotional products may be an effective marketing strategy for any business. What’s important is to choose an item that is useful and economical. For wide selection of promotional products in Australia you may also visit http://davarni.com.au

  3. Nice writeup, but I think both advertising and promotional products are essential for company’s brand building. Sometimes it happens that a product does not reach the target customer and at the same time advertising is seen by the target audience again and again resulting in the awareness about the company.

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