If you’ve been in the speaking industry for a while you know that things have changed. It’s no longer about sitting around waiting for the phone to ring with five figure offers to be a keynote speaker at an event. Those days are gone. And everyone in the speaking industry knows it. Now it’s like pulling teeth to get meeting planners to pay you, and when they do, it’s for a fraction of what speakers used to get with more work involved. Budgets are being cut everywhere and there’s simply much less to go around with double the competition.

Sponsorship guarantees you get paid to speak!

Like any disruptive innovation, the GOOD NEWS is that there are opportunities all around you, and even better, most speakers don’t even know they exist. Small business sponsorship is a goldmine that hasn’t even been tapped into yet.

Yes, the economy has changed the speaking industry, but it’s also opening up new opportunities for speakers who are able to think like entrepreneurs and take advantage of this new way of marketing.


Getting your own sponsors means no more waiting by the phone, no free speaking jobs, and no rejection.

How do I know speaker sponsorship works? Because I’ve been doing it myself for years. Here are some of the sponsors I’ve worked with:

Time Warner

Project Runway

Girl Scouts

Media Services

HR Professionals Magazine

Think Tank

VIVA Vitamins

I got paid $2500 for my very first speaking job by using the techniques I’ll teach you in my seminar.

This seminar is reasonably priced so that anyone can afford it. At $299, or the early bird price of $159 you can’t afford NOT to do it. If you just get one sponsor, it will more than pay for this seminar.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the “Speaker Sponsorship 101 – How to Make Six Figures a Year as a Speaker…Using Other People’s Money” seminar:

  • The 2 ways to guarantee you will always get paid as a speaker and will have more work than you can handle, even in the worst economy
  • How the changing world of advertising means more money for you
  • What sponsors want and what you have to do to get their business
  • 28 million reasons why you should be using sponsorship
  • How to turn a novice sponsor into a pro and get them to sponsor you over and over again
  • How to market your events and your sponsors for little or no money

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