5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Start Blogging

work for yourself as a blogger

work for yourself as a blogger

You can probably guess why I’m writing this post. We’ve all been there. We start out with a burst of blogging energy and enthusiasm, writing like crazy, you can’t shut us up, and then…BAM, writer’s block. I’d like to say I have a great excuse, like I was backpacking through the Andes and didn’t have access to a computer.

But, no. The answer is simply that I stared at the screen for a few days and literally had nothing to say. I should know better. I teach creativity and innovation and tell others not to let this happen to them. But it happens to even the most creative people.

So, I’m going to take my own advice. Here are a few tips to get back and start blogging:

  1. Forget about it!

Have you ever just been driving down the street or taking a shower and you suddenly have a great idea for something? That’s because your brain has been working in the background and it suddenly makes a connection. Go watch TV, take a drive, climb a mountain. Anything! Just get out and do something different and stop trying to force it. Trust that your brain will recalculate.

2.   Get inspired

Read other bloggers you admire. Listen to musicians you admire. Let other artists in different mediums inspire you. Poets, sculptures, painters, etc. Never copy, just let their genius rub off on you. It might help to realize that the most creative geniuses in the world have stared at a blank screen, canvass, or piece of clay many times in their life.

3.   Cram

Yes, cram. Like for a college exam. Immerse yourself in your topic. Imagine you were going to teach a class on the topic tomorrow. What would you need to know to teach it to someone else? You should be able to know the subject matter inside and out. Find someone else that knows the subject matter that well and ask them questions. That’s one of the best ways to do it because you get a unique spin on it that no one else has. Personal stories will always be unique.

4.    Find a unique angle that interests you

Yes, you need to make sure you satisfy your readers, but hopefully if you are writing the blog you are interested in the topic yourself. If you can find a unique angle on the subject, chances are your blog readers will also find it interesting. Use this as an opportunity to learn something new and share it with your readers. Put your own unique spin on it.

5.    Write stream of consciousness

In other words, write something stupid. It’s better than nothing. This isn’t something you’ll want to publish anyway, so it doesn’t matter how bad it is. Pick a topic and just simply start writing. I had an improv teacher that made us do this in class out loud. If we stopped, we had to start over. It’s kind of like a warm up exercise. Singers wouldn’t just start singing. They warm up their voices first. Think of it that way. You’re warming up your writing muscles.

If you look at blogging as a job, you work for yourself as a blogger. If you want to be your own boss you are the one that has to keep the ship running no matter what. Look at writing as a job and set a deadline for yourself. Clock in like a regular job and get it done on time. Hopefully some of these tips will help you stop procrastinating and start blogging. You probably started blogging because you wanted to create a fun job for yourself. Now get to work and have fun!

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