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Why hire me?

Fifteen years ago I started out with $5.00 in my pocket and no job. Due to a series of circumstances I was basically starting over.

I went from living in a run-down gang neighborhood to flying around the world on a private jet as a TV/film distributor (a 6 figure job I had created for me)  in a matter of a few years. Then I lost it all and started over again. This time I came up with an idea for a new product. I literally had $5.00 and no idea how I was going to get it done.

If you read my blog, you know I didn’t go to college and have never used a resume. Almost every job I’ve had I either created myself or had created for me. I’ve never believed a “real” job ever gave anyone job security. And this is even more true today. I whole-heartedly believe in creating your own jobs. Creating your own job security. [Read more…]