Creating an Award Winning Business

Everyone loves a winner. We want to be associated with winners, get close to winners, be friends with winners. Maybe deep down it’s because we hope that some of that luck will rub off on us. And it’s the same with a business.

If you want to prove that your business is worthy, there’s no better way than to start winning some awards for it. I think it’s great because it forces you to go through each segment of your business and figure out how you can, not only make it better, but how you can make it worthy of an award.

award winning business

award winning business

I’m writing this on the heels of an award won by swiggies. The consumers voted and gave swiggies the Toyman Award of Excellence for innovation and quality.

Winning an award is validation that you’re doing something right. It’s validation that other people think your business, or products or services are as good as you think they are. And you should shout that from the rooftops. In fact, other people will probably already be shouting it. Winning awards gets you noticed. It gets you prestige in your industry.

The first award I entered was the NASDAQ Product of the Year award. I was up against some large companies and the winner was actually the one that got the most votes. To get in the running you were judged by the industry. But the winner was chosen from the most votes. I made it to semi finalist and NASDAQ had a big party for the winners. It was a very nice party! [Read more…]